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Belonging is something we cultivate, not discover

Image by Jason Briscoe

daylyy is rewiring social media

No filters. No uploads. A social platform for users to casually share pictures and videos like a daily content journal. Daylyy is the opposite of current social media. We are not interested in the edited and polished final product. Daylyy is the journey - all the moments in between.

Image by Hannah Lim
Image by Ball Park Brand

daylyy is for keeping up with daily life

Casual, Realistic, and real-time Daylyy is truly unfiltered social media. Daylyy is authentically you.

Post More, Worry Less

Beach Umbrellas
Best Friends

Daylyy satisfies people’s hunger for authenticity. Posting on Daylyy isn’t about fitting in or standing out, it’s about being authentically you.

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